Anglian Radio Trust

I am a trustee director of the 5 kids trusts – each driven by the local radio station. The basic purpose of the Anglian Radio Trust Charity is to make a difference to disadvantaged (by reason of financial hardship or disability) children – by providing grants to drive welfare, health, ability, education and opportunity – living within the area of each local radio station. A ‘typical’ grant request is shown below ……

D’s aunt contacted HAECC.  D is 3 in April, has severe epilepsy and delayed learning and development.  He is the happiest, ‘smiliest’child you can ever meet and she feels a grant would be beneficial as he needs additional help and support in his day-to-day life. Her sister, D’s mother, fund raises constantly for the various support agencies and hospitals where D has open access and is a constant visitor but would never consider applying for a grant for D.  At the moment D is unable to talk or walk but enjoys sensory stimulation and will be able to walk in the future with the help of a walking frame.  The walking frame D needs is £1,952.00 and the whole family is fundraising to raise this amount.  There are also many items of sensory equipment D needs ranging from £30 to £199 so any donation would be very much appreciated.

If you would like to help / get involved Logo - dreamlet me know.










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