Catch Up Posts – Suffolk One Parking

Picture of Suffolk One


Fantastic building, great facilities and courses, great teachers and students but why-oh-why do we ignore residents’ fears at the outset and then have no solution when they come to pass? From the very first meeting the residents were raising the issue of student parking – where were they going to park.  Not enough money in the project budget apparently, anyway “we have a green travel plan so only a handful will use their cars”!  Really?

Picture of Suffolk One Street ParkingAngry residents publicised their plight in the Ipswich Star.  Numerous surveys have been done and proposals are close to being presented to residents of Pinewood and Sprites.

On Tuesday I walked round the impacted streets with Steve & Chris from Highways to firm up on the amount of yellow paint we are going to need.  I wonder if Del Boy has any of that luminous tunnel paint left?!

 Not a solution we will be looking at!

Picture of Suffolk One Car